This is a story of a successful 35-year-old career, only made possible by a couple of reasons, being the most important one, public recognition and acclaimed support.

CLEMENTE possesses a very unique way of being on stage. He is the kind of talented man who first started his career in the mid 70’s as a pop singer. Overcame all difficulties within the music industry, such as competition, musical trends and has always remained faithful to himself and style as far as choosing his own repertoire in a well balanced fashion.

Success and recognition has taken CLEMENTE all over the world, where he plays the role of a Portuguese music ambassador. He has performed in various international song festivals and toured in Canada, USA, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Europe and of course, Portugal. The Portuguese media have always welcomed his presence as a sign of obvious contempt and recognition.

From the many awards he has been granted, we remark the following:
Art Performing Award in Bulgarian Golden Orpheus International Song Festival | Art Performing Award World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo | Art Performing Award in Puerto Rico International Festival | “Cyprus Tropheo” International Song Festival of Malta | Art Performing Award in Mediterranean Song Festival in Antalya Turkey | Miss Portugal/America in Tahj Mahal, Atlantic City | Art Performing Award International Song Festival Telaviv/Israel | Tropheo CARREIRA PRESTIGIO Miss Portugal/America 1998

CLEMENTE has sold many records given him Silver, Gold and Platinum Trophies.

Famous in his own country, needless to say that CLEMENTE is the eternal voice that does not require credentials

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